Growth Consulting

We are the home services and blue collar industry’s leading strategic growth consultancy, delivering unparalleled expertise and methodologies to scale businesses through multi-dimensional expansion of markets, services, leadership and infrastructure.


Growth is more than just revenue increases for home service and contractor businesses. At MyLeadFlow, we drive growth through 4 key focuses.

Our strategic growth consulting takes a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach tailored to your organization’s unique needs and objectives. We thoroughly assess each of these 4 pivotal areas of opportunity to pinpoint where your construction company can scale and capitalize over both the short and long-term.

Then we work closely with you to make it happen, leveraging proven methodologies to expand your reach, capacity and performance across all facets energetically and efficiently. Our actionable game plan and hands-on guidance empowers contractor leadership and teams to execute for success.

MyLeadFlow's Core 4 Pillars Of Growth

Maximizing branding In Current (And Future) Markets

Boosting your branding, advertising and lead generation strategies to capture greater market share in regions you currently serve, as well as future expansion areas.

Offering New and/or Additional Services To Current Market

Identifying new high-demand complementary offerings to roll out to your existing customer base, bundling services together.

Leadership Development & Training

Providing owners and executives the leadership skills to effectively scale and manage growth as the company expands.

Company Structure, Tools & Employee Culture

Optimizing processes, technologies, workforce training and company culture to create an environment primed for exponential growth.

Maximizing branding In Current (And Future) Markets

We conduct in-depth market research and competitive analysis to identify untapped opportunities to increase your share of voice and customer base within existing regions. We also forecast market trends and growth potential to map expansion plans, pinpointing where your brand and offerings will resonate now and in the coming years.

Comprehensive market research uncovering new opportunities

In-depth analysis into customer demographics, buying behaviors, unmet needs and market growth potential.

Data-driven expansion roadmapping

Analytics-based modeling projects future regional opportunities to prioritize forward-looking expansion efforts.

Local and regional share-of-voice domination strategies

Multi-channel outreach and messaging fine-tuned to increase brand exposure and leadership within individual geographies.

Offering New and/or Additional Services To Current Market​

Determining which complementary offerings your existing customers need allows bundling of services for greater retention and wallet share. We identity white space in your catalog to rollout new in-demand offerings. And we optimize messaging and packaging around your breadth of offerings.

High-demand new services identification

Evaluating purchasing trends and customer feedback to determine which complementary offerings to add that will drive growth.

Optimized bundled service packages

Configuring bundled solutions with appealing discounted pricing to incentivize bigger investment from individual customers.

Multi-service brand positioning

Website overhaul, targeted advertising and broadened messaging clearly conveying the full scope of offerings under one roof.

Leadership Development & Training​

For exponential and sustainable growth, developing leadership skills across your management team is pivotal. We assess talent gaps impeding scaling and provide immersive training across leadership competencies from change management and culture building to systems thinking and coaching emerging leaders.

Leadership competency gap analysis

Benchmarking management capabilities against those required for growth to inform development priorities and programming.

Immersive management training programs

Intense skill-building initiatives to upgrade strategic thinking and change management abilities.

Scalable organizational structure blueprinting

Detailing roles, teams workflows and managerial structures to effectively govern expansion of operations and people.

Company Structure, Tools & Employee Culture​

Streamlining processes, implementing productivity technologies and nurturing a positive performance culture ensures your organization has the capacity, efficiency and engagement to achieve ambitious growth. We focus on optimizing organization design, workflows, tech stacks and training while fostering an agile, unified culture.

Organizational infrastructure optimization

Engineering seamless systems, reporting structures and process flows for managing increased capacity and complexity.

Process efficiency and automation analysis

Stress testing existing workflows to determine which can be streamlined through technology integration for faster scaling.

Positivity and achievement oriented culture cultivation

Instilling an energizing growth mindset across all employees through recognition, community and transparent communication.

Scale Your Blue Collar Or Home Service Business Faster Than Ever Before

MyLeadFlow gives you back the freedom to focus on what matters most – completing projects for satisfied clients. Our end-to-end solutions equip you with the marketing tools and sales automation you need to acquire more prospects, convert more leads and delight more customers with ease.

Stop settling for complexity and lagging growth. Transform your business with MyLeadFlow today.